Connie Webb

Connie Webb Poems

1. It's Okay I'M Growing Old 3/24/2006
2. Just For Fun 3/24/2006
3. The Suitor 3/24/2006
4. What Is Enough? 3/26/2006
5. Learning From The Robin's 4/11/2006
6. Nightmares 4/13/2006
7. Still 4/15/2006
8. Okay I Liked Disco 3/28/2006
9. The Christmas Wrapping Paper 3/28/2006
10. Cookies 3/28/2006
11. I Don’t Really Want To Write Sad Poetry 3/31/2006
12. The Bone Density Test 4/4/2006
13. Life Really Is Good 4/9/2006
14. On The One 5/21/2006
15. You Meet The Criteria 4/11/2006
16. Bye, Bye Hummingbird 7/22/2006
17. Fond Memory Of Us 7/22/2006
18. More Than Botox Beauty 1/21/2008
19. Positive 1/24/2008
20. The Smiling Path 1/26/2008
21. Even If I Thought Nobody Liked Me 4/20/2007
22. Eighteen Isn’t Long Enough To Live 2/5/2008
23. Who Will Save Us? 2/27/2008
24. Cast Out Labels 3/22/2008
25. Pray For Firefighters 6/28/2008
26. I Don'T Have, But I Have 7/25/2008
27. Fly Free Little Brother 10/30/2008
28. Anxiety 11/20/2008
29. He Found Another Woman 11/20/2008
30. Mistletoe 12/20/2008
31. Who Is Right? 5/27/2008
32. Knowing And Not Knowing In My Youth 6/9/2008
33. Criticism Rebellion 2/1/2010
34. Optimism Via My Departed Grandpa 2/2/2010
35. That Voice 2/3/2010
36. Letting Go 2/6/2010
37. Love 3/15/2009
38. Time, Time, Where Is It Going? 10/28/2009
39. Northern California Beach 2/8/2010
40. Just Because I Can'T 2/8/2010

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  • Goldy Locks (10/20/2007 11:45:00 AM)

    Authentic is as authentic does. That's Connie for you. Her self-questioning never rests. And that's nobility at its finest.

    best care
    sjg -~-

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Best Poem of Connie Webb

Mom And Time

When I was a girl
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
I wish she would stop telling me
What to do!

When I was a teen
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She won’t let me stay out
Late at night!

When I was a young adult
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She keeps calling me and wanting to talk
All the time!

Now that she is gone
I wish she would tell me what to do
Tell me to not stay up so late
Call me and talk for hours
And I lied
My mom was not so mean
She was being a mom
And showing she cared
Mom, I love ...

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Raising Teens

You can make all the plans you want
Doesn’t mean all will go your way
You can motivate them with your words
Doesn’t mean you will have the last say.

Your plans for them to go to college
Doesn’t mean they will do what you want them to do
You can try to mold them and shape them
Doesn’t mean they will follow through.

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