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When I was a girl
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
I wish she would stop telling me

When the pain ended and the last tears fell,
And I got out of my living and bitter hell,
I found a strength as strong as steel,
This strength I found is surely real.

Honey bear jar lid taken off
Poured carefully over the carpet
With pink and white animal cookies
Floating in it

I’m still here somewhere
Between the dishes and laundry
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
I’m still here.


Losing someone so special to you
Someone you loved so dearly
To lose that person
Is the greatest loss ever.

I will truly accept myself today
No more worrying about what you say
I will do what I really want to do
No longer will I be controlled by you.

We will not lose hope
One day all will have freedom
All will live in peace
Experience love

What can I tell you
About the life I’ve lived
Will I impress you
With all the things I did?

You helped me from the very start
I was discouraged and sad
But through the years with all your help
Now my life is not so bad.

A black cat crossed my path
On a night of a full moon
He was carrying a pack on his back
And dancing around like a loon.

Their life is getting worse
She just can’t stop drinking today,
But she loves her kids
And thinks perhaps rehabs the way.

I used to complain
About my big funny looking feet
And a friend said,
“Hey they were made that way,

He was my instructor
In a college English class.
His stories took us to Italy
And the way women cry

I think of when it is all over
No more worries about the bills
Or the health checkups
Or the state of the nation,


Swing open the door
Walk straight to the beach
Take in the fresh ocean breeze
As the sun caresses you and

The pain never mattered to me
When I saw your face so bright
Such a beautiful baby.

I remember when...

I could finally where pants to school
No more frilly little dresses for me

Before she got an “F”
On an English Paper
At college
She would write lots of poetry

Look around at the sky and trees
Enjoy the sensation of the breeze
The wind and rain will be over soon
Spend time watching each flower bloom.


I look at all this art
At the local gallery
I wonder how someone
Could sell a painting

Connie Webb Biography

I have lived in many places throughout the USA. Traveled to Mexico and Canada. Raised in a big family that moved a lot. Have had many different experiences with people, places and things since I am in middle-age now. Graduated from High School and Business College. Took some College Courses. Worked at various minimum wage jobs. Became a stay-at-home mom. Started writing when I was a little kid in diaries. Had my first article published in a local magazine in January 2006 and I jumped up and down when it happened - smile. Thanks for visiting my poem site.)

The Best Poem Of Connie Webb

Mom And Time

When I was a girl
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
I wish she would stop telling me
What to do!

When I was a teen
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She won’t let me stay out
Late at night!

When I was a young adult
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She keeps calling me and wanting to talk
All the time!

Now that she is gone
I wish she would tell me what to do
Tell me to not stay up so late
Call me and talk for hours
And I lied
My mom was not so mean
She was being a mom
And showing she cared
Mom, I love you and miss you.

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Rufai 26 March 2022

Great work i longs to have more info about this peom

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Sue 26 January 2021

Connie your writing is heart felt and really touched me. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the poem about hour HP.

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Goldy Locks 20 October 2007

Authentic is as authentic does. That's Connie for you. Her self-questioning never rests. And that's nobility at its finest. best care sjg -~-

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Connie Webb Quotes

To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Connie Webb Popularity

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