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The old gray building
That is now aged and broken
Was once someone's home

They are always there
Sometimes they hide
The darkness conceals them
A light is needed to let them show

In the light of early morning lies a single rose
As the day goes by a strong wind blows
All alone the rose holds fast
Thinking of its lonely past

A man walks his path all alone
Trying to escape his shattered throne
He begins to look back one last time
As he moves in to a future unknown

The soggy leaf floated down the rushing river
A ship in its own right
The crew is one of imagination
On this rapid river ride

I am a being in one body, a body made of nothing
But far beneath the surface there lies a hidden heart
It has tried so hard, but is no longer trusting

A perpetual force
One that engulfs and consumes
But through this,

What are the emotions I cannot describe
The boy was alone after she died
The fog begins to consume his surroundings
As he sits in the forest without any drive

Alone in the night
I see the moonlight reflect
Off the crystal pool

All around trees stand
Guarding the reflective pool
As the sun appears

I stand all alone
In the darkness of the night
Mountains all around

The frogs sit alone
On the rock that they call home
Hidden truths unknown

Little flower blooms
So far from its companions
In the light of day

Sakura begin
To bloom so beautifully
In the fading light

The plant begins to
Sprout with determination
In his gentle palms

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The old gray building
That is now aged and broken
Was once someone's home

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