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1. My Lord, My Jesus 2/24/2009
2. Journey Began 2/24/2009
3. I Can Show You How 2 Love 2/24/2009
4. Confessions Of A Man 2/24/2009
5. Dice Game 2/24/2009
6. But Now I Wonder 2/24/2009
7. Married As One 2/24/2009
8. Unconditional Love 2/25/2009
9. Wonderful 2/25/2009
10. Words 2/25/2009
11. You Say That You Luv Me 2/25/2009
12. Keep-A-Living 2/25/2009
13. Until 8/3/2010
14. I Don'T Want You To 8/3/2010
15. My Son 8/3/2010
16. I Will Still Be There 8/3/2010
17. We Still Will Remember 8/3/2010
18. I Didn'T Do It 8/3/2010
19. Why Are We Being Prep 8/3/2010
20. Note To Wife 8/3/2010
21. Well I Am 2/25/2009
22. Are You Ready 2/25/2009
23. Gon' Preacher Preach 2/25/2009
24. Letter To The Woman 8/3/2010
25. We Will Awake Soon 8/3/2010
26. In Rememberance 8/3/2010
27. Scared Of U As You U Of Us 2/25/2009
28. If It Wasn'T For You 2/25/2009
29. God's Little Angel 2/25/2009
30. I Can’t Promise 2/24/2009
31. Garden Of Love 8/3/2010
32. Show Me How To Hear You 2/25/2011

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Best Poem of Corey Campbell

Garden Of Love

I bumped into the Garden Of Love
Because love, I have never seen.
Though I've searched far and wide,
But its covered by a screen.

In search for something that's real,
I finally found it on a page.
And just like the book its in,
It gets finer as it age.

In the Garden I found this book.
The book was full of songs. (Song of Solomon 1)
And the words from the songs,
Taught me for what I've longed.

That you are my precious gift,
And your kiss is far above. (Proverbs 31: 10)
Nuture me my virtuous rose.
I'm in your Garden Of Love! ...

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Confessions Of A Man

Yeah ladies I understand
all the things you went through.
I too carry the scars
from love's battle wounds.

Trust and insecurities
is now my shield and what I keep.
Living my life being alone
lonely nights I also weep.