Corey Campbell (BlackChild)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scared Of U As You U Of Us

So you say that
there are no good men,
and men have it easy.
Well, by being a man,
your words do not please me.

See I have tried to love,
my black women.
GOD knows, I've done the best I can.
Know matter how hard I try,
From you, I'm still not called a man.

It doesn't matter whether its me or not,
that is causing this horrible sin.
For I'm just thrown in the pot,
the pot of all 'NO GOOD MEN'.

I'm a man that loved my woman!
I provide, protect, and brought real love
from within.
(listen) I neglect my own self,
to give and do my responsibilities as a man.

However, do I get the respect that I deserve?
(Tell me) What is a woman's job to a man?
Should I run to your every beckon call?
Just to be considered in the picking of man?

Well, women today don't or can't cook.
They can't clean a house from within.
They only see me as a benefit,
To get the things they want and attend.

You use your sex as a form of control,
to manipulate to have things your way.
You scheme and plot on my giving heart,
These are the type of women of today.

Either you can do everything a man can!
Or you use several men to accomplish your needs.
Ooh- and your favorite word
'You can't tell me what to do'
This is the attitude you feed!

GOD made me head, to provide and protect for you.
But how can I be that man? If you don't allow?
Sometimes the problem is not me, its you.
If you would listen, I can show you how.

I can be the man made only for you!
But you'd rather down and hurt me!
You keep grudges, never build me up
So you are the one that taught me!

Never trust a woman,
A good woman, you'll never find.
They are never faithful
You made this cold heart of mine!

So you say there are no good men?
I ask that you be quiet, before you start to fuss.
Cause the real men, we also have feelings,
We are scared of you as you are of us!

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