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Cori Arbuss Poems

1. Memoirs Of A Nothing 1/2/2006
2. Its Left 1/2/2006
3. Purity 1/2/2006
4. I Hate Her... 1/2/2006
5. Fatal Facet 1/2/2006
6. Nervosa 1/5/2006
7. Numb: The Intervention 1/16/2006
8. Slowly Now 1/17/2006
9. Ode To An Illusion 12/19/2005
10. You, My Doom. 12/19/2005
11. Rag Doll 12/19/2005
12. Abyss Of Forever 12/27/2005
13. This Is So 12/27/2005
14. An Angel's Lie 12/19/2005
15. Failed 2/25/2006
16. And He Fades 2/25/2006
17. Shattered 2/25/2006
18. Forget Me Not 12/19/2005
19. Shelby. 12/27/2005
20. Satire 2/25/2006

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When I'm sorry's not enough
When I love you's too much
When you hurt me's not fair
When songs of the dearly departed just sting
When love songs burn deep
When you know already that the scars won't heal
Cynical, they call it
Its just a satire, I am.

Its not cunning, its clever
Not irony, wit
Not genorosity, love
Not courage, strength
Cynical, they call it
Its just a satire, I am

When mistakes can't be forgiven
When words shouldn't be said
When tears are shed of weakness
When razors are frowned upon
When pain is seen as ...

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You, My Doom.

Our time had come. Our time has passed.
We can never again go back to those days of simple minded innocence
And recreation. Simplicity and joy.
Happiness. Of just being in each others arms.
Instead we display false faces to the world.
Leaving them blind and hopeless to help.
When we ourselves were the ones decieved
Lying to ourselves
You in the arms of another

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