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we'll! you have read the
title answer the queston
what do you see in him...

How is this possible?
how is this true?
they say that you'll
kill me if I over indulge

Upon this hill of solitude this place
were there's pure
I close my eyes and quench my breath.

Prayer of a Refuge...
I close my eyes as
Night fall approaches
I drift off into

In to Deep

I knew it could happen
But I never thought It would

my country tizz
of the sweet land
of mizzory...

Take me now for all
I am from the inside
out take all of me or none
at all.Study me examine me


To die is to gain...
and to live is to die...
to learn from experience
To experience by doing...

His blood brought me back.
Its tainted in me
it burns with his rage!
I don't want to hurt you I don't want this


It was the walk
You walk toward me
With open arms hoping
To find forgiveness.

Such a rush is this love or is it lust?
I remember it was the look in your eyes that drew me the way you laughed the way you called my name
When you told me that you loved me.
Told me that you cared....I don't know what I felt was I love, lust my

7730 Sins have I committed
And all before 20 a sin
For every day.
Every scam, every lie,

Time is of the essence...
As I watch this pen bleed
Full of emotions twisted and mixed
As I watch the ink hit the paper.

Weather it be by force or by word
Of mouth!
I will live through the hardships and the trials and the
Ups and downs B.A.M.N will

All in a days work

I open my eyes
And take a breath

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I live in St Louis missouri in the United states of america.I'm a salesman and a drumer at my church.)

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Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

we'll! you have read the
title answer the queston
what do you see in him...
is it the roug neek look or mabe his bad attitude.
mabe it his swager? then tell me..
why are you regreting
ever meeting him ever
listing to his enticeing words!
oh I know what it it
the way he move, his muscle tone oh wait hold on I know
I remember it was the conversation yea his conversation wa good he spoke word o good.that look your head still turnin
you bout break your neck.
just to see were he at..
why do good girls like bad guys? But look were it got you
all knocked up now he takin yo money and driving
your car yea. So I ask you agin.why do good girls like bad guys? But like always the nice guy always finishes last then you wanna try and use him. Because you got an fell used you got hurt so you hurt him in turn you.. been dogged so you dog him. The same oh when will this madness end.But like always you for ever moore being repetitive then you got your lip poked out when the nice guy passes you up but yea dats fault and yes that's your bad peace!

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