Courtney Redmond

Rookie (1989-present / Boston, MA)

Courtney Redmond Poems

1. In My Arms 6/1/2007
2. Teenage Romance 6/1/2007
3. Leters Of Love 6/1/2007
4. No Love Please 6/1/2007
5. Moolight Orchestra 6/1/2007
6. Bare White Walls 6/1/2007
7. Salvador Dali Made Me Think It 6/1/2007
8. Change 8/27/2008
9. Wiilow Tree 8/27/2008
10. She Who Conqures 8/27/2008
11. I Am A Poet 6/1/2007
12. Failure 6/1/2007
13. I'M Done 6/1/2007
14. Wounded Soldier 6/1/2007
15. Reasons 6/1/2007
16. Life 8/27/2008
17. Love Of Two Can Make A Girl Wonder 8/27/2008
18. I Know You Want Me 6/1/2007
19. Great Grandmother 8/27/2008
20. Purple Rose 6/1/2007
21. Imagine Me 6/1/2007
22. My Angel 9/13/2005
Best Poem of Courtney Redmond

My Angel

Your sweet as a button
and as nice as a lamb
you are gods angel to me
he sent you to save me
and free me from my pain

But something has happened
I have fallen for my angel
could this be love
or is it lust

Could I have found my tru love
or is it all a dream
my angel
or have you fallen for me too

My Angel
are you there
can you hear me
can you not see my tears
or am I lost to you

Please my angel
be mine
forever and always
dont leave me behind

What other person could treat you
like I can

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I Am A Poet

I am a poet
I write my tragedies, I write my sins
For this please excuse me, for what I have written to feel again
Cry it out they say
But how do you cry when pain runs deep.
Through scars not healed, by the warm breeze.
So let me write it down so that it can all go away.

I write my happiness, I write my joys

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