Craig Steiger

Rookie - 3 Points (Fifties / Sierra Foothills)

Biography of Craig Steiger

After a youth reading Thoreau, Emerson, Muir, and Snyder, graduated to Abbey, Leopold, and Elizabeth Bishop. Interested in literature about man's place in Nature. Presently reside in Sierra Nevada foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Self-employed tradesman.

Craig Steiger's Works:

Wintering at Lake Vera
Green Whiskers
The Eight-fold Rag Vetta
for copies:
(530) 263-9397 Updates

I Too

I too sifted
Down the dark seductions of life,
Lacerated by faint perfumes
In sundown hallways,
I too woke alone
Where once a lover'd been,
Kitchens ominously silent.
I too tumbled across the glinting tines
Of love & devotion,
I too was doomed
To long sigh goodbye
On answer machines.

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