Muzahidul Reza Crazy Poems


Now you are noisy, poor country
Without wise leaders look crazy,
With chaos, violence, anarchy
So, try to disturb the whole world;

Causing Crazy Troubles To No Trouble

What a suitable, beautiful earth you are given!
So beautiful landscapes, mountains, fountains, oceans
Creations, creatures, beings, things
Its surroundings

The Origins Of Crazy Psychology (Stanza)

Yesterday here was peace
Today everywhere chaos
What are you doing there leaders?
Setting all the forces

The Modern Crazy - A Tercet

The crazy are now so rogue and bold
Committing all evil call the well ill and scold,
The well's heads bow down in shame.

Haiku For The Crazy Humans

Haiku For The Crazy Humans
March 9, 2019

Some crazy humans

The Crazy Humans Are In The Darkness

The Crazy Humans Are In The Darkness
March 8, 2020

The Crazy Corrupters

The Crazy Corrupters
April 11, 2019

By my Lord is gifted this fertile region

While having breakfast the leader ordered
For the big giant bomb to be burst,
As he was a crazy leader
At once, was done the order,

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