Ramesh T A Creative Poems

Creative Writing In Media Is A Miracle Missing Ever!

Making mole into mountain has become an art by media, newspapers and magazines;
Filling the pages with matters of no significance meant only for reading and throwing away;
With attractive advertisements they attract readers and increase circulations everywhere;
Creativity with information no one is ready to go on in media business creating history!

Creative Poetry Is Forever!

Dreams, romance, world, Nature and all
We have many ideas to say only in poetry,
A most suitable medium to communicate!

Sure Creative Power!

Achieving what we wish is indeed a great feat in life to do in this world sure;
Surely if we plan all aspects to be covered exactly and excited that happens;
Happenings of all things in one's life is not in one's hands as it's fate's work;
Work of a speculative kind depends on exact ideas and performance!

A Creative Work Of Art Rare!

Creative work of art absorbs the mind of everyone;
Kindles imagination beautifully to the world exotic!
Nature in art produces splendour sublime forever
Transporting whole soul to divine eternal at anytime!

Stardom Of Creative Stars!

Attaining stardom in any field is a great honour one achieves in life;
Life offers a lot of opportunities for all creative and inventive persons;
Persons of strong will and discipline are sure to achieve what they love;
Love of art, music, Nature, painting and Poetry surely makes one great!

The Creative Power Of Poetry!

Like all I have too enjoyed happiness in things of life;
But the joy I get in Poetry is separate kind none matches;
For all the losses and failures, Poetry has compensated all;
Poetry has nothing equal or similar to compare with ever!

Creative Or Inventive Urges!

Creativity or inventiveness of a genius is serendipity made into
Reality to the surprise of all by talent with full of passion sure;
At unexpected times such ideas strike the mind as lightning
In a flash and the process of making it into works faster in one!

Save Worthy Creative And Inventive Works!

Creating beautiful things like pictures, dolls, books and all
Out of love brings joy ever to the artists and onlookers;
If it becomes popularly acceptable, one becomes famous
And whatever one does thereafter are praised as masterpieces!


What Gratitude Is Suitable for Great Miracle Via Creative Poet?

If all dreams come true, it is an act of miracle in reality;
To forget the hardships of reality, people dream many things

My Best Ideas In Creative Poetic Art!

My Best Ideas In Creative Poetic Art!

Days are going on in fulfilling ambition on a poetic adventure
That supersedes all other victories of my life in this world;

A Creative Expansion Of Nature!

Creative expansion of Nature in the Universe is incredible wonder
That has kindled the creativity of poet to compose poetry great,
Provoked the urge of philosopher to unearth the hidden truths,
Triggered the mind of scientist to invent new things to go high!

Creative Ides Of Thoughtful Scribes!

Unnecessary thoughts are flowing in cataracts even in night sleep;
Relevant thoughts come only once in a while to express to others;
Significant ideas flourish only when expressions are made ever...;
But all ideas expressed in words are forgotten for creative ones!

A Beauty Creative Joy Forever!

Lovingly doing

Creative job is a thing of beauty


Talent or genius lies in early interest in writing or painting or singing in life;
Education system that encourages such interests of all makes them artists or scientists;
Talent of writing by many tests and exams makes one creative or inventive person later;
once talent of writing becomes a common thing, one's achievements become miracle!

Never Ending Journey Creative Poetry Work Is!

I am humiliated many a time, when my creative work doesn't come up to my visualization;
But after sometime, when I go through them, they look to be incredibly miraculous;
This happens only in creative poetic works and encourages to do still more and better;
Of all works I have done so far, Poetry only keeps on lifting me up with zeal fresh!

Miracle Is Possible Only By Creative Poets!

Religions were created by messiahs all over the world in the past to cherish faith;
God is the object of every religion though each one is a different version of faith;
God is the greatest power in the whole Universe present as Universal Spiritual Energy;
God is imminent and transcendental whatever be the religion as He has no religion!

Creative Poetry Flows Well!

Affected by cold, drowsiness continues making one sleep due to dullness;
Nothing is interesting to divert oneself to overcome the drowsiness sure;
So, I engage myself with creativity in Poetry that brings brightness to mind;
Poetry is indeed a great discovery and boon to mankind so to say sure ever!

Creative Way To Promote World Peace Is Best!

Previously sounds of terrorists bomb blasts, violence and wars here and there;
Recently foot ball games in Europe, cricket games in the world are heard;
It is like hot day turning into cold evening due to the coming of rain sooner;
This kindles the idea of whole world turning into playground as Switzerland in Europe!

Real Natural Life Is Creative One!

Real natural life lies in the creating way of living in the world;
Whether thinking or talking or doing in each thing they make achievements;
If it is not done so, what is the difference between them and others?
Best knowledge they use in creative work to convey high ideas for legacy!

Diversion In Creative Beauty Leads All To Paradise!

Creating things of beauty brings joy quite unique in the life of one;
If that are helpful and useful in the world, one becomes great;
Such things artistic mind with deep interest in aestheticism do ever;
In this world of anxiety, indulgence in art surely gives great relief!

Nature The Living Art Of Creative God!

Beauty of Nature is wonderful as it unites aesthetically interested
Ones to indulge in creative works like painting and poetry like the
Almighty does in art of life called Nature activating all being in
Inspiring artists to live in their masterpieces ever in the world!

Person of high spirit never anything boring in life;
Everything is an opportunity to show his valour sure;
His ambition to achieve remarkable thing boosts spirit
To high level ever to see he does something wonderful!

The Adventure Of Creative Work Ever!

Without apt mood, no creative can be started done ever;
Creativity with imagination, vision, thoughts and ideas
Are constructed as building is built with bricks to make
The shape and size beautiful by talent as in art work..!

The Extraordinary Creative Powers!

Geniuses are there in all fields like arts, science and literature;
All geniuses need not be poets, but all professionals may be poets too;
Talent is a skill to do things in some fields by exceptional ones;
But genius sees all and whole in full and expresses them in his field!

A Creative Dream!

Kaleidoscopic dreams are beautiful
As the architectural beauty here!
Beauty of Nature reflected in art
A wonderful dream it is to muse!

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