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Hi, I began writing poetry after taking some medication for a chronic illness. The meds caused me to feel more amourous, than usual, and brought out the creative writing. I am marryed with three young sters

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These are the words I used to say to my little boy, when I carried him:
Im going to eat you.
Im going to bite you.
Im going to tickle your toes.
nibble your nose.

Then I started saying it to my little daughter, when I carried her.
After a while, she started saying, 'Not Again! ' after each phrase.

Im going to EAT you.

Not Again!

Im going to BITE you

Not Again!

Im going to TICKLE your TOES

Not Again!

Nibble your Nose

Not Again!

Im going to eat you!

Im going to bite you!

Not Again!

Im going to

Nibble your nose

Tickle your toes

Bite your Bum Bum

Eat your Ear


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Crenshaw Happytime Popularity

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