Vampire Love Poem by Crenshaw Happytime

Vampire Love

The blood trickling down my neck feels good.

The vampire that bit me lies at my feet,

a wooden stake in his evil heart.

I rub Garlic into my wounds and fall asleep, only to be awakened by

sunsets arrival.

I find it odd that I cannot sleep even though the moon traverses the

sky, with a slow whispering tune, hidden in with the crickets and
springtime frogs.

I lament my lost childhood, as I grew up without feeling, and without love.

I grew up alone in my room, with the windows down, and the fresh night

air bringing in the night.

I longed for physical contact but that was prohibited in my world.

there were people who had girlfriends, but that life was not for my


The vampire represented purity and innocence, only that he needed to feed on me out of necessity.

I only killed it out of self preservation.

As the sun rose, I felt an uncontrollable need to retreat into the deep woods, following a path that I had not traveled before, yet my feet carried me to the edge of a cave, concealed behind vines.

I made my entrance to find an awaiting coffin that was empty, and I climbed in as if this were as routine as brushing my teeth.

I fell into a dreamless slumber.

I was awakened by the tickle of spiders traversing my thighs. Carefully, I raised the lid and looked around.

I was home. I was very hungry and set out into the night in search of a, a person?

Hamburgers did not cross my thoughts.

It was then I realized I had undergone a transformation, that I somehow had become the vampire that I had killed.

I had become the one who must carry out treacherous deeds, simply in order to live to the next day, to satisfy a hunger.

I realized the life I had wasted was gone, only to be replaced by this hideous existance.

Why had I waited so long to live? Postponed the onset of young love, delving furthur into my studies, and Hobbies, afraid to let go and let the feelings carry me. Holding on to child hood for so long that I had grown old, physically, a thirteen year old trapped in a man's body.

but that did not much matter now, as the hunger inside me drove me anew, to seek out strange things, to be drawn to a woman in a crowd, yet to take her, then and there, would be then to reveal my true self to all the world, who would then hunt me down as the wild beast that I now was.

I turned to the searing and vicious treachery of seducing a vulnerable young lass a short distance away from the group to exchange a few friendly kisses, some chit chat, some charm, hunger driven charm, she could sense the tumult of opposites within me, yet was still drawn by my attention to her.

She declined my invitation to walk her home early, though, and left me to return to her circle of young ladies chatting happily.

I could tell I had left her with some feelings of longing, as well as revulsion of some unmaterialized evil.

The gathering broke up by midnight, leaving me to prowl around empty wine glasses, discarded deviled eggs, and whats this, a young girl forgotten, a little too much to drink, dozing by the coat racks?

I could not believe my luck, as I furtively studied the night's scene and found her truly to be alone, the last revelers were whispers in the distant night. I gently scooped her up carrying her to my forest abode and felt a new strength in me as I lay her softly into my coffin and then slipped in next to her when she awoke with a start and a muffled cry.

I'm sorry I spoke, as my teeth retreated from her perfumed neck,

I dont know what happened but I found you in this strange room, and came to see if you needed any help. I think you need to be rescued from an evil ogres castle. She looked around frightened and then held her hands towards me for me to lift her out of the coffin and gently I placed her on her feet, where she began to wobble, so I caught her and carried her.

'Please, help me get away from here' she said to me. 'yes, we must leave now', I spoke, ' away from this horrible place'

Yet the hunger in me pushed me to overcome my modesty and reveal to her my new nature as the beast himself, and not carry on this charade of rescuer.

But then I heard the coffin creak behind me and I ran as fast as I could through the night, vines stinging my eyes and tearing my face, with her in my arms,

And I realized I had been jolted from the strange powers over me.

I carried the young lass as far as my feet could run until I collapsed to my knees, holding her, letting her gently down on the moss bed below us.

the cold night drew us together in an innocent embrace.

finally I was whole.

Chinedu Dike 05 October 2019

An interesting story written in persuasive expression with conviction. Very heartfelt with strong emotions. Thanks for sharing, Crenshaw.

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Crayon Poet 28 September 2019

Lean and cold, yet rich... I hope there are more lines where these haunting ones came from.

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Jazib Kamalvi 31 August 2017

A nice poetic imagination, Happytime. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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