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There is a veil I can now see,
It blinds my way
To the place
My heart lies in.
Away, asunder, far yonder a breath… to live that which is in me,
Defines me, desires.
To be unchained
From the Antigone of purgatory – quagmire
Of fate. So long low the rhymes
Of song blow. Borne over willows’
Lowly wind.
Say ‘nay’. I, yet some twist a tired
Worn thistle upon their wrist.
Savage sweet their melody
Briskly, keen away to
Favoured times of magical
Rhymes to chase vile demons
Away, to places ne’er said
For trouble or dread, I ...

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We And I

Can you see it
The door - there
Partially ajar -
set in the wet
grey wall.
Climbers lain from fall
Their bones -
a warning call.
Heavy Ivy surrounding