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PASSION What's my passion?

It's me.

I am sorry
I never loved you
despite all your effort to show how much you wanted me.
It wasn't because you are not cute

It's not bad life that makes me write
but it's the inspiration that makes me to be right
this is a given gift
that I will never let it fall on my left.

Tens and tens and ones of years,
Moans and cries and tears of months,
Loneliness and worries and crosses of days,
Embarrasses and irritations and jades of hours,

Who is your God?
Is he a God of Emergency?
Is he a God in a matter of urgency?

This was a fate and not a fade,
When I saw u smile like honey.
It was a day of worship but also a day start a friend-love relationship.
This was a pure joke of singles mingle.

Am married to you
All my life am thinking of you
I've never got a reason to shun you down
My dream is to be your husband forever.


Its hot like soup
and bitter like pepper.
More of pain
than how it can gain.

Sometimes it feels good to write
read and make your senses right
I write to keep myself busy
No matter how much I can feel dizzy

Don't worry
am coming home
then show you how valentines is celebrated
let's do it in a unique way

The Beauty of nature is green,
the Beauty of a lady is her heart,
A heart of a lady can be compared to green,
A color that is cool for color blind men.

Death is my destination

right now I have no other way to escape it

The feel of loneliness,
Disappears with the sound of your voice.
So sweet that it sweeps away my sadness,
and brings my heart to a rejoice.

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PASSION What's my passion?

It's me.

What's my passion?

It's love.

What's my passion?

It's You.

My passion is 'I love you'.

To love and embrace you is my wish.

To cherish you is a wish come true

In my arms I hold you like my Nokia 2330c

Not to let you escape but cover to protect you.

With this weather

I will be your perfect jacket

Get it on

and be warm for the whole season

Common Princess

You need not to suffer

Am here for you

For my passion is to love you.

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