Curtis Mosby

Rookie (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Curtis Mosby Poems

1. World Of Women 1/31/2007
2. Often 1/31/2007
3. To Live Inside My Heart 10/9/2007
4. Defiant Of My Pride 10/10/2007
5. Losing The Thought Of What Counts 10/31/2007
6. Considerable Resistance 11/1/2007
7. No One Should Be Rich When To Many Are Suffering. 11/25/2007
8. Use It 11/28/2007
9. Find Me Tommorrow In The Sun. 12/10/2007
10. Do You Want To See Something Beautiful 12/16/2007
11. Let'Em See 1/5/2008
12. The Eye's Of One Heart Reflection 1/22/2008
13. Turning The Light On In The Dark 1/28/2008
14. One Effective Chain Reaction 1/28/2008
15. Cry Mr Drifter 1/29/2008
16. Why Is My Black Skin Sin 2/6/2008
17. Once A Heart Believe In Love 2/7/2008
18. Sitting With The Devil 3/19/2008
19. Never Would Hurt A Fly 3/22/2008
20. Dictionary 3/23/2008
21. Love Magical Design 3/24/2008
22. The Absence Life Of Providence 3/25/2008
23. A Pregnancy Unwanted Of A Miscarriage 3/26/2008
24. Inside Weather 3/28/2008
25. The Musical Basement Of The Blues 3/28/2008
26. A Broken Man Dream 3/29/2008
27. Change Doesn'T Need A Leader 3/30/2008
28. Between The Spirit Of Israel And The Love Of Jordan 4/3/2008
29. Goodnight Wine 4/5/2008
30. When All The Flags Fall 4/7/2008
31. Upon The White Owl Of Cessation 4/8/2008
32. View's Of Existence Life Prosperity 4/10/2008
33. Compassionate Fixation Of Nonhuman Anguish 4/11/2008
34. Expression Of Deceptive Prophets 4/17/2008
35. Born To Walk To The Grave 4/20/2008
36. The Inner Difference Of Sight Beyond His Exterior. 4/24/2008
37. Why Are We Living In A World So Cruel. 4/29/2008
38. Trials Of My Deception 5/1/2008
39. The Intervention Of My Intuition 5/2/2008
40. An Inspired Love 5/6/2008

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Best Poem of Curtis Mosby

Face These Words

I shed a tear for a lonely star.
I make a wish and ask a question will my life go far.
I see the sorrow.
Pray so I can see tommorrow.
Because who ever said you would live to be 21.
So many tragedies from a gun.
Mama I blame you for my wicked ways.
But I praise you for saving me from a early grave.
Father was never thier, so I always cried.
But mama hide the fact that my father died.
I never prayed for a brighter day.
My life is dark for my path I never know which way.
I kiss the cross around my neck.
Im just living for respect.
The sin they inject is ...

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To Live Inside My Heart

I gave up everything to live inside my heart.
Life for another was more to me than one could imagine.
I could never stand by and watch a child suffer in sadness.
I would starve and disregard myself for what after i saw.
Every mile out of the way i walk misery pass and talk.
Though you couldv'e seen my bone's you would never
know i was alone.
This is for the one's that aren't strong and need it more than me.
Im hoping i can restore a world that never feeds the poor to believe.

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