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Hobbies: writing, reading, poetry <3

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Life Abide Death

life abide death
death abides the law of life

abide the law of life


Until you die
I would cry
tears of happiness
not of sympathy


Cruel words
stab me deep
anger and fear
begin to seep

Lost Childhood

you grow up too fast
you forget the faded past
you leave behind in the dust
the childhood that brings you happiness

Blood Of Trust

Can you even ask why
this blood runs so thin
or would you wonder why
it runs at all

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Cori Schmidt 20 April 2005

Hey, she is a very good poet that's why I'm doing my school assignment on her..............I also write poems but they aren't that good but here is one anyway Every moment I wait by the phone The sooner my heart shall turn to stone Every moment I wait at your door The lonier I get I'm losing sleep at night remebering all the things I'm trying to forget I think I've bit off more than I can swallow After all these pictures of pain I can't paint a perfect tomorrow So I sit in my room and take your picture out of the frame And think to myself it's my fault things are like this I can't stop thinking of when we shared our first kiss I can't get you out of my head Ever since you left I've become so lonley Can't you see? ....................I love you Yeah I wrote that^^^

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