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The laughter in your heart
Would melt a melting pot
Would rise a sunken ship
Save a lady in distress

Every waning moon
You cast your best spells
To evil you do not dwell

Brilliant leader of light
You are my father
You love as no other

Three sticks are bound
One is ample and slim
One is long and voluptuous
And one is revolting

To my secret love, I write this poem
Who he is I shall reveal to no one
While working we met
Attraction profound

Marriage is as old, as man and woman
Adam and Eve were the first
Or was God to man
A marriage of pure love

Buggies abound pebbled streets
Bonnets adorn your women
Farm work greets your men

One day old man I'll be like you
My hands tired and torn
My back hunched over
My steps slow

My dear friend
I miss you
I love you, though
I’ll never tell you

Our house, has four walls as any home
A door, that fails to lock
Walls, as kaleidoscopes
Windows, where breezes freely flow

Why this pain?
Is it me?
Guilt for life’s wrongs
Great uncertainty

Ah, silence
Bind her lips
She speaks much
Apply a muzzle

She sits alone
with her pen in hand
writing about all love’s woes.
She studies the actions of the

Live for it I choose
For I have everything to lose
Live for it set what is right
This is my glory divine

I loath the words I cannot speak
I see not a love, yet not a hate

My emotion yield, yet do not shake

pity my love
pity my darling
oh, regret....

For you have no book to quote
You rely on your life your wrote
Yet often your path is lost

Old ancient religion
India your home
Brahman the universal spirit

Rannato at the grotto
Stole a pipe from Divo
Stuck it down his pants
The women went into a trace

On the Lot, my film making dreams come true
I speak to my crew swiftly
Man the lights!
Actors know your lines

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Cynthia Yildirim age thirty-one is author of the book 'Garden Pleasures' a book of poetry. She is a Technology, Art, News and Science lover and resident of Florence, Alabama. Mother of four great children and avid reader. Ms. Yildirim also enjoys Social Media and you can you can find her on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Youtube, Google Buzz, Myspace and Reddit. Feel free to send her a friend request and share some of your poetry. Don't forget to download Ms. Yildirim's ebook here on Poemhunter that contains sixty one of her delightful poems. However, if you would like to read all of Cynthia's poems then check out the book on - Cynthia Yildirim's poetry cover topics from love, religion to politics. Don't forget to leave a comment and rating to let her know what you think.)

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The Laughter

The laughter in your heart
Would melt a melting pot
Would rise a sunken ship
Save a lady in distress
Lead the lost to find their way
Cause pain to go away

Your laughter
Is my laughter
Your heart, my heart
Two risen ships
Of ladies of lost
From laughter of pain
Let us unite these good things

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