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followed the cruel and affected life.
I considered this dawn was green
But it was black.
Everywhere was silent and everyone

Changed habit of every human being's mind;
Never find a real way only the reflection.
Few find inside they are blind
Next find outside.


The time was dark and she brought
Her time into darkness.

I was quite under the blossom of
Delivering the excitement impetus.
I was forgot reading poetry.
Today is forming a gloomy attraction.


el tiempo estaba oscuro y ella trajo
Su tiempo a la oscuridad.
Lo. habia hecho por su amante:
pero el amor era oscuro

It happening often and we are
Always at untold
Witnessed to dashing the
Power of law by an import of


He was greatly accomplished 
To  clutch his control.
Toped the enemy from his forehead
He feared the ground of earth.

I was considered the break of me,
I was always out of me.
No memory was occurred for me.
I was died from my side;

With a debate my neighbour who was
Squat with his crestfallen face.
Wrinkled his simplicity of heart
They were went out from the

I was quiet resemble the counter
Of common ways of keeping lighted one,
Mostly deliberated the habits of me
And widely embraced a contest.

I had lived with an omissions of
paralysed pain.
My ways had borrowed a pool of tears.
Ambitions flew upon the sky,

I was grew from the darkest hour
Counted by tored hands of one man,
Delivered the most beautiful musical


I seized her beautiful embellishments:
Which embraced my heart wel
I was resigned from my dreams for
Digest her beauty.


She wafted by crazy and she
pelted her rigmarole words.
She wore a ragged and frazzled clothes.


She leapt with pleasure gleaned her
Hilarity from her wistful face.
It was the time of her mellifluous


She was desolated and deserted from
Her husband.
No one had supported her
They knew her and knew her ways.

He was a mussels by his words, looks
And behaviour and attitudes.
A man of yellowish teeth with an outlook of


He was at ruling time,
it evaporated by destiny.
Senses had done a snow job.
And very glad to meet the faces.

The handsome mouth barked
The beauty song.
Swang in the snow water
Ruled and by ruled.

The bright half concious man
Approached me for help.
He completed his smile and said.
When we spoke each other:

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followed the cruel and affected life.
I considered this dawn was green
But it was black.
Everywhere was silent and everyone
Was quiet.
There was no rise at dawn
There was an exhuation after a
Funeral pyre.
After a three nights eyes were
Blinded with freeze.
Light of misbehavior brought a
Unsympathetic ways.

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