D.A. Woods

Veteran Poet - 1,103 Points (Ireland)

D.A. Woods Poems

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122. A Change 1/17/2010
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134. Haha 1/10/2010
135. I Love You 12/31/2009
136. Asking You. 1/24/2010
137. Boxed In Clever 1/9/2010
138. In A Heartbeat 2/1/2010
Best Poem of D.A. Woods

In A Heartbeat

In a heart beat - I'd kiss your lips,
hold you close, no chance of a miss.
In a heart beat - I'd lay you down,
amongst the daisies that surround.
In a heart beat - I'd stroke the hair out of your eyes,
kiss you all over until dawns rise.
In a heart beat - I'd place my head on your left breast,
listen to the eagerness from within your chest.
In a heart beat - I'd take you within my desire,
let the flames take hold which takes us higher.
In a heart beat - it races, through my skin it spasms,
you can see what you do to me with your rhythm.
In a heart beat...

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Before You Go.....

Can you hear me call,
why dont you hear until I fall?
When the next morning arrives,
you know the sun will shine.
so pick up your keys, your jacket and cigarettes,
blow a kiss to the one who loves his babette,
after all, the sun is going to shine.

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