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In a heart beat - I'd kiss your lips,
hold you close, no chance of a miss.
In a heart beat - I'd lay you down,
amongst the daisies that surround.

Whip my skin until it cries and bleeds,
carry me upwards, fill my needs,
drain me dry before you go,
leave me here.

loneliness, only time will tell,
so far in this life, I walk along,
casting my net for true love to dwell,
casting out for my love to belong.

Thank you, thank you, oh thank you,
you listened to me,
got me out of this mess too,
though I did wrongly.

03.49am, I'm still wide awake,
hurry up sandman for goodness sake! ! !
Make me dream and put me fast asleep,
may you bury my nightmares under the crawlers heap.


I ran downstairs and tripped on the carpet,
went tumbling down the rest,
20 steps later I stopped and regret,
the theory of my gravity test.

On my descent down into the valley,
through the fields of wheat and barley,
the sun is punishing and glistens this shore,
the sound waves crash on the rocks with a mighty roar.

The censorship of your skin,
hides beauty deep within,
painting masks to make you look good tonight,
magazines teach you to bath in phosphite.

Oh my Lord, how I wish I could start my life all over,
because I'm so lost, so alone and I'm ready to love again.
Another year passes by me and I'm getting that little bit older,
whilst now, nothing feels right, no-one understands my pain.

I've just looked in the mirror,
I've seen a change in myself.
I feel as if I'm a different person,
now I believe in myself.

Torn between love and peace,
good and bad, hate and war,
this is what they made of me,
could they tear and forsake me anymore?

Don't you feel like dying? ?
giving up on giving up trying,
left in this hollow shell till there's no denying,
time ticks away your tears so there's no more crying.

Once we were young, dandy and free,
screaming through the nights like a wild banshee.
We were two of the same and everyone could see,
I was you and you were me.

My daily task in life is to stay alive
I want to die a lonely man
My daily task in life is to stay alive
I'm going to die a lonely man

As love is to hold,
feelings uncontrolled,
it's the start of a brand new day.
Two lovers kissing,

When everything has fallen and broken,
and every last word has been spoken,
come and take me away, as my wondering sprit has no way,
of knowing where I'm going.

I have been told,
that I've have grown old,
before my time,
am next in line,

I just got back a couple of hours ago,
I'm willing to score....pills, grass, women.
All of them to seduce my mind. (thrills)
Anyway possible, make my head spin round the fire of spells.

Standing by the waterfall at the end of the day,
wishing you could fall in and drift away,
listening to the songs of birds and wind through the trees,
this is where you prefer to rest at ease.

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In A Heartbeat

In a heart beat - I'd kiss your lips,
hold you close, no chance of a miss.
In a heart beat - I'd lay you down,
amongst the daisies that surround.
In a heart beat - I'd stroke the hair out of your eyes,
kiss you all over until dawns rise.
In a heart beat - I'd place my head on your left breast,
listen to the eagerness from within your chest.
In a heart beat - I'd take you within my desire,
let the flames take hold which takes us higher.
In a heart beat - it races, through my skin it spasms,
you can see what you do to me with your rhythm.
In a heart beat - I'd forever hold your hand,
listen to our orchestra play within loves bandstand.
In a heart beat...

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Darren Woods 20 November 2022

Thank you 🙏 didn't mean to make you cry, sorry.

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Cynthia.B 06 December 2020

Who is this person He made me cry with most of them which reflected my own pain. He is deep. X

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Allanah 22 February 2020

wow, some of this writings are deep. Made me cry some of them,

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An opaque life is better than living within illusive dreams.

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D.A. Woods Popularity

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