D.J. Ray Poems

Hit Title Date Added
(song) Life Is A Movie

hate the cheerleaders
they think they own the school
hate the stupid preps
cuz they pretend there cool

(song) I'M A Punk I'M A Loser

call me a punk
call me a loser
say i'm abused
am i the abuser

(song) New Brain

find me a new brain
this one is insane
voices say to hop on the crazy train
so send me to the loony bin

(i Just Want To Be) Alone

i just want to be alone
let talk the voices in my head
they screamed don't go but now i'm dead
noted only for dark reknown

5 Lines

5 lines
cut in my skin
as if with red ink

Avenging Angel

Avenging angel on the stairs
Blood covered wings
Hands held in mid-air
Sword glistening

Empty Life Empty Lie

When I Dream Of You

when i dream of you
my mind is smiling

when i dream of you

How Does A Word Compare

what is a name when put next to you
what song can be sung when pain follows through
though i am merely one foolish dude
i know a life without joy just means one without you

The Date And Time

the date and time
spray painted up on the clock on the wall
once you get far enough up the ladder
you are bound

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