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hate the cheerleaders
they think they own the school
hate the stupid preps
cuz they pretend there cool

call me a punk
call me a loser
say i'm abused
am i the abuser

find me a new brain
this one is insane
voices say to hop on the crazy train
so send me to the loony bin

i just want to be alone
let talk the voices in my head
they screamed don't go but now i'm dead
noted only for dark reknown

5 lines
cut in my skin
as if with red ink

Avenging angel on the stairs
Blood covered wings
Hands held in mid-air
Sword glistening

when i dream of you
my mind is smiling

when i dream of you

what is a name when put next to you
what song can be sung when pain follows through
though i am merely one foolish dude
i know a life without joy just means one without you

the date and time
spray painted up on the clock on the wall
once you get far enough up the ladder
you are bound

I write this for anyone
Who has ever cried themselves to sleep
I write this for anyone
Who has tasted defeat

so those with money rule our lives?
you think i come from there privlidged hive?
don't know what it's like to fight on the streets?
or feel the pavement agianst my feet?

the way to heaven is easy
but the way hell is fast
the way to heaven is easy
but the way to hell will last


i wish i could say it didn't hurt
when you say my name
i wish love weren't quite so painful
since you don't feel the same

'we are gathered here today to note the passing of... ah what the hell give him cement shoes'
theres nothing left to lose
and in your life theres one point you just gotta choose
will you take action or just muse


bleeding cuz u wanna die
cuts like shadows in the light
shot like bruises covering your body


half lost/half won
half live/half dead
half destroyed but half restored
hidden behind the closing door


thank you for my callaus covered hands
for the feeling of my guitar
you taught me to be a man
not impressed by my scars

D.J. Ray Biography

i have a habit of punishing myself for everything that happens, writing is the only way i have to vent, i used to be really suicidal and now i'm less so. that's good i guess)

The Best Poem Of D.J. Ray

(song) Life Is A Movie

hate the cheerleaders
they think they own the school
hate the stupid preps
cuz they pretend there cool
hate all the ballas
they call me deranged
and all the teachers
such a freaking pain
i hang with the emos
the gothic types
the creeps
wishing for some help
for someone like me
i hate all the jocks
beating nerds up in the hall
i really hate the school
they just watch it all
guess i'm a athiest
lost my faith in god
because music is religion
for prare i bang my head
long red hair in my face
cuz i live life instead
but i hate the people
pretend prophets, saints
even though truth be told
we all know they ain't
so i hate the losers
wasting all there time
and i hate the rappers
who cant even ryme
guess that i'm a outlaw
dressed in red white and black
because i hate the haters
who got there lives on track
my life is a movie
and i play lead role
bout a boy who's foolish
a boy who don't know
a boy who hates his life
his school, his stupid town
he jumped in the pool
then he freaking drowned
so you can beat me up
calling me deranged
and i'll watch the movie
try to wash away this pain

D.J. Ray Comments

you are a very talented writer. i love the way you put your emotions and life into your poems. it takes alot of pain to write some of your poems, the pain you feel is not a good thing but yet it is well for those readers who read your poems. you seem myserious at times but that is what i like about your whiting as well as you as a person. :)

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