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We know that you are here today,
Standing, arms entwined.
So in love and happy
Faces all unlined.

In a village in a valley
Is the place where I was born.
Dear old Polesworth near to Tamworth
Where I greeted my first dawn.

I had no way of knowing

That the winds of change were blowing

With a clip round the ear
And a caustic tongue,
Our Mam taught the difference
Between right and wrong.

Spring green
Young scene.

Dandelions and Daisies always make me smile,
Although I know that gardeners
View them as a trial.

I cry when I think of the lost days,

Of things that were left unsaid.

Try, try and try again
That's how the saying goes.
And so I'll take it to my heart
And will away my woes.

Economic mayhem is what
The world is suffering now,
The currency confusion
Causes heads of state to bow.

It's a cold, damp February morning
In ancient Liskeard town.
And a mist clings to the old slate walls
Like a dull grey satin gown.


The mood is overcast and grey
With hovering clouds of dark dismay,
And teardrops fall from misty eyes
Like raindrops falling from the skies.

A blackbird watches from his perch

Up in the hawthorn tree,

The gaiety of spring in bloom,
The greening of the trees.
The heady scent of blossom
Drifting on the breeze.

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Moved to Cornwall 21 years ago.I am 67yrs old and the mother of three adult children, also grandmother to two beautiful little girls. I left school at the age of fifteen with no formal qualifications but have enjoyed writing verse since I was a child.)

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Goodnight Mam And Dad.

We know that you are here today,
Standing, arms entwined.
So in love and happy
Faces all unlined.
Watching us, your children
As we come to honour you,
Each with special memories
Of parents good and true.

All six of us together,
The family you made.
Our feet have trodden different paths
But the tie that binds has stayed.
And though our hearts are heavy
As around your grave we crowd,
We feel your love around us
And know we’ve made you proud

Goodnight Mam and Dad
Till we meet again.

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Daffodil Jackson Popularity

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