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Near the edge
a broken link

Still it's not time

Perfection and imperfection
storytelling favorites
the fable
of yes and no, good and bad

We continue
to fill our journals
that become smudged maps
to our past

the surf's ageless boom hushes the sunset
and the water drags a bluesy nocturne
under the breakers

This is not the end
cut short
by lack of territory

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Near the edge
a broken link

Still it's not time
the colors are bright
the air vast

I will sound off
shaky as it fades
half dark
like some prey's last moment

On the other side
hours crash





Dispirited reverie

Because I have slipped
from believing in anything
I will slip
from the world's memory

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

from my sixth book-length manuscript

©dah / dahlusion 2015 all rights reserved

'Crash' was first published in 'Calliope Magazine'

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R. H. Peat 18 August 2022

Nice poem Dah, I like the cryptic visual expression in the wording.

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