D Loveday Morris Poems

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Ripples In The Water

Like ripples in the water and rising tide
We are not just mere attraction to people passing by
Like ripples in the water I have a powerful source
Who has the strength to sail or sink your boat

Lord I Thank You

Lord I Thank You
For the gifts you've given me,
Ears to hear and eyes to see,
A perspective that's multi-dimensional,

Sleep On

Sleep on

My heart weeps for you
The news thunders tears to my eyes

A Walk To Pure Unblemished Love

Today I watched and listened... took ' A Walk To Remember'. It made me cry. It is truly sad how we live life and take things and people for granted. It is sad and beautiful that although we go down an unfamiliar road it is a road that was once traveled by others.

If You Must Only Be Just One Thing

My Darling Daughter,
If You Must Only Be Just One Thing

If you must only be just one thing,

Place Above The Average

Place Above the Average

She finds a place above average
A solace and a space to salvage

Puppy Love

Do you remember when we played hide and seek?
How much fun it was to wish… to walk and hold hands on the street?
When you were my puppy love and I was your girl;
I was your everything, you were my world

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Why do tears rain like streams of pain?
Why do you lose the ones you love, who stand to gain?
I took for granted that we would always be.
I took for granted your face I would always see.

My Solace

I find my solace in a place that's near and far;
A place where I am free to be naked and beautiful;
A place where my truths are alive and real;
A place where there's no deception or exception and unnecessary explanation;

Love Dance 2

This dance was Devine indeed
And not by any theory of big bang
I gazed at you from across the floor
Not knowing what was really in store

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