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Urban life decay...watching the street lights
blink on, and
fireflies dance around
open windows

The pitter patter patterns
Surround in surround sound
The lullaby that lulls you
If you'd stop and listen

I remember the shells
One after another; we shifted
From sight to sight
Wanderers; Always moving

Life. It's bigger than you & me.
What good does selling used cars and insurance do?
What gratification does your life get from that?
There are too many people out there being normal,

I'm not sure where I'm going with this
Or even where I'm coming from.

These words don't substitute

I'm tracing my way through cracked linoleum
Following lines etched with footsteps of those who passed before me
They are faceless and unknown, shadows;

The crickets sing a lullaby in the night wind,
which saws through trees with such ease
it carries me off to high seas
a high i can't refuse;

May nights surprise me
like sweet words from a stranger, or
harsh ones from a lover.
I am never ready for either. The

I am the downfall of the hierarchy.
I bring powerful figureheads to their knees.
I am the one who is held responsible
Though my crime is the opening of eyes

On some long stretch of highway
Paved with false hope and dead dreams
I watch headlight beams
In a race

It's a beautiful day.
The grass smells sweet and fresh.
The sky is so blue and clear, I feel as if I can reach up and touch it.

We are hanging
by threads tossed down
like life-lines
from pinpoints


My mother drove barefoot
Setting the needle at 80
Eating up the road
Like ashes of a lover.

she slumped over the round
table, which had belonged to
her mother,

The doors of perception are off their hinges
lying on the ground waiting for
someone to notice.

Teenagers verging on adulthood;
cartoons replaced with the News, and
slumber parties meaning something completely

The tides, they turn against me, a
lonesome traveller
fighting for the shore.

Coffee drips
From metal lips
Draining away
Sweet dreams with it

Inspired by all my running friends...

My fingers grip the rubber track
My feet grip the metal blocks

I am standing on the corner of a busy street
throwing glances no one meets
giving hands that no one takes
stretching smiles no one makes.

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I left Kansas, and am now hitch-hiking for experience and the pursuit of writing as it is a burning thing consuming us all. Feed the fire. 'We fail, only if we stop writing.' -Bradbury)

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What Street Lights Reveal In Suburbia

Urban life decay...watching the street lights
blink on, and
fireflies dance around
open windows
where drunk husbands
yell at black-eyed Susans, and
Little Johnnies;
spray-painting their anguish
for police to interpret as
Trash cans set on the curb
rattle with bottles,
under the counter self sedation, and
crunch with broken china,
a state of despair I hope never to visit.
Bedroom window screens
are taken out for easy escape
for teen drama queens
into a night
of fast cars, and
unseen scars, and
too-dim stars,
by the street lights,
the lives
they reveal.

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