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her scattered mind replaces raw stability

and she collapses her face in her hands.

and feels overflowed. allowing negativity

she feels numb pain deep in her chest

and she knows what it is. it's come again.

to tempt her again...but she knows she can

beat it, she has many times before. but

the lust for it has returned to her door.

her mind is running a marathon of thoughts

and they're conflicted, trying to bring her

or break her from or to inflicting.

she looks around the room at the four walls

and her mind tells her to look at her veins

and to get the scissors, it's always the same

but the girl gives herself two choices

and none include the bad deed

she can draw on herself or jot her thoughts freely

she chooses one, does it, and loses track of time

she comes to realization that she's done it again

she's regained her mind. this is a great thing.

more confidence for next time and the next

until she overcomes it. be glad she don't become it.


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Damsel Mystique Popularity

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