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Someone who thinks too much. The only thing important is 'A Pittance of Time'. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here to think too much.

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A Favor For A Friend

A friend once wrote me and asked me a favor.
I hadn’t talked to him for awhile.
But since he’s my friend I wanted to savor.
His approval and ever missed rarified smile.

So I set out to create a poem that was good.
That could be used for something other than thought.
I wasn’t sure if I could or I should
But my friend has this caring heart that I never forgot

You see I am lonely and ask for acceptance
You see people like me, much of the time
It’s not really healthy to be like this ever
Especially when sometimes you can only make rhymes.

So if there’s a message or action to take.
That’s positively true and can never be faked.
I suggest you should go to the nearest bright star.
And tell your God “I’m grateful” for whatever you are.

You see I’m not perfect, just trying my best.
I’m sure you have sensed that at my friend’s kind request.
I will do the thing which was wanted of me.
I love all of you, but you don’t have to love me.

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