Daniel Bourke Poems

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Love Me Winter

Stopping the driver at lights
I'm fishing around in my pocket for fives
With only the winter in mind


Passing God's acre; graves and flowers and inscriptions
"Loving fathers" and "selfless martyrs", a mile of scruples

Wrinkled as sand, she's making the gestures we learned as children

This Endris Night

Estranged from sleep, I've abandoned the bed
Though bringing the blankets, I am cloaked to the head
The window ajar
I'm sat in the dark with my mind on the stars

Coffee Break

For once it's me looking out; the tall glass windows
framing a beastly December - do the passersby think me some brag?
With my coffee and my notebook and my folded arms

Long Distance

Oh winter how soon you will leave me
How soon you'll bereave me
And though I'll remember your seasonal sights,
your evergreens and birches converging for miles

Field Of Early Robins

In this field of early robins, the dewy undergrowth dampens
my socks, freezes my feet

Rare foxes sleuth between briars and sticks

Steppe Rider

Nothing was faster than the fastest horse, the
Mongol spending months on a trecherous course
The stations and lodges where the riders would rest
The promise of food and a bed

Colwyn Bay

An ocean away in Colwyn bay,
a glamorous stranger is looking my way
tilting her head and lifting her shades,
her furrowing features are meeting my gaze