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I never knew my fathers God
I do not know for sure he had one
He is in heaven now but one could argue
That he never left

Where were you young child
When others played wild
Galloping on clouds, swinging from trees
Whispering in ears, screaming from bees

The power of nature, best viewed from afar
Like the hammer of God with a wrecking bar
Because to be too close, is to know fear the most
Not fear of death but a life that is toast

The fawn lies still, in the grass on the hill
Awaiting life, or the life of another
A jackal, an ant or the milk of a mother
So savage, so serene, to lie perfectly still and to not be seen

I've written about her
A life in a song
I think not of her daily
But all day long

From spears and hatchets they held in palms
Came muskets, machine guns and atom bombs
In rank and file they did emerge
For a crumb of bread or another urge.

Nothing sadder than the auction
At a broken church, where religion is sold
For a dollar or two
Where often we're told

This is a poem about an empty comment box
Don't look for it soon
But if you do, and if you are not slow
Just gather your thoughts and...please...

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A Love Lost To Time

Timing was everything, for this lady to die.
While she was asleep, awakened was I.
She lived in a dream and loved with a sigh.
Heaven holds her now and only God knows why.

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sad one 15 November 2018

very sad: not sure he had a God: maybe the greatest Dad in the whole world but without Jesus Christ it is to no avail.

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Tanya Gupta 27 February 2014

you are very nspiring mr.richmond, please give your precious time to me also.please come to my page i need your comments

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Tanya Gupta 27 February 2014

you are very inspiring mr. richmond i need your comments on my poems also so please give a bit of your precious time to me also....thanks

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