Danielle Ward

Rookie (1991 / Liverpool)

Danielle Ward Poems

1. Exam 3/10/2009
2. Wishful Thinking 3/10/2009
3. Star 3/14/2009
4. Better To Have Loved You At All 3/14/2009
5. Eternally. Always. Forever. 3/15/2009
6. As I Lay My Head To Rest. 3/24/2009
7. Written In The Stars. 4/9/2009
8. My Words Are Words. 4/11/2009
9. When We Were Friends. 4/19/2009
10. Holding Hands Is A Complicated Business. 4/19/2009
11. Song. 5/5/2009
12. Acting 5/13/2009
13. There Will Be A Time 5/14/2009
14. If All The World Should Fall Apart (For Chris.) 5/22/2009
15. To Follow In His Wake (Ode To Clare Abshire) 6/24/2009
16. The Rainbow That Cries. 3/30/2009
17. This Path Called Love. 7/12/2009
18. Phobia. 8/7/2009
19. Christmas Tree 12/2/2009
20. Standing Ovation. 3/29/2009
21. I Am. 3/30/2009
22. Forgotten. 6/24/2009
23. Roller Skates. 5/5/2009

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Best Poem of Danielle Ward

Roller Skates.

These wheels are fast.
Beneath my feet the pavement slides away,
A table cloht jerked from under glass.
Wobbling, on unbalanced legs.
When the world blurs past in a stream,
And you wonder how and what it means,
You're racing past faces and leaving them
The wheels roll on, an everturning circle.
I hold your arms and then your hands and then your fingers...

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The Rainbow That Cries.

The river is clean, rippled, liquid glass,
I see a reflection that is not my own.
A mirror, a ghost of you. Me.
The world has not changed -
The trees still reach with yearning arms towards the empty sky.
The wind still moans, tired, losing it's way.
There is still a day. Still a night.
Still time that tumbles, carries me away, too fast,
A pulse too fast to live.

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