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i luv writting poems..thatz why am here..

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Wait For It

cant believe how the nights became so calm without you..
i know am still thinking of you but just know that am not missing you..
maybe am still loving you too..
but dont think that i cant hate you..

It's The One

let's raise our voices..to say
then let's all pray for our sisters & brothers in palestine..
let's ask ALLAH to bless them & rescue them..

Without A Reason!

you had no reason to walk away & leave everything behind ya..
you had no reason to lie & fake our love..
but now it's time for me to stand on my feet all over again..
& it's time to stop thinking of you.

The Shadow..

The moon has lost it's gleam tonight..
the world became more darken..
i've lost your shadow knowing that my heart can guide me to you..
tonight i'll pull off to find you..

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Kali Abyss 19 January 2009

Thanks for the comment on my poems =) I really apreciatted ^_^! ! ! !

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