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~was It Just A Dream? ~

Can I let you go now?
Can I watch you leave?
Want to shout it out loud...
'Please...remain with me! '


The way she described that kiss...
with you...
The way you lied to my heart,
that was true...

The Days Without You

I often see a tree, a butterfly,
I see the childrens laugh...
and think of you.

To My Immortal

We were just friends, nothing but friends
Was it june or july?
When I first met, when I first met
The person who change my whole life.

The Waiting (To A Dead Man)

Last night you did not came
Even though I waited for you.
As the time flew by, the rain
Cried of madness too...

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p.a. noushad 27 January 2010

very beautiful imagination, touch me much

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Kali Abyss 06 September 2008

This are some poems that I wrote...but the problem here is that I dont speak english very well so I really appreciate any suggest =) thanks!

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