Darlan M Cunha Poems

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The Dragon

The time burned in vain in the village square, because
on the only day the Dragon lowered his head
took the opportunity to comb their thin strands of hair
and it was his doom, because the Dragon's head


A moça está sem pressa,
alheia a um horizonte avesso
aos distúrbios em seu interior,
talvez para ela o futuro seja

Mimesis And Symbiosis

Stroll and feel the power
of these arms, walls
stroll and feel the secrets
of an imaginary city

Drinking Fountain

Here the lions come to drink water
and sometimes blood, water bearer
promising for predators.


The girl is in no hurry,
alien to a horizon inside out
to the disturbances within it,

Faustus & Mephistopheles

Dear friend, all the people think you forget me.
Listen: How stupid do your parents thinks you are?
but I am waiting for you on the corner, oh
my name don't wear it out

Beyond The End Of Everything

I would like to travel beyond the end of everything,
searching for the genesis of the colors
and the bones of fear.

I Come And Go

I don't know how many fears (sicks) I have
but she says: Prove you're not a robot
a pingback, a lunatic, a hacker
a beggar, downtime machine... yes, she said


Follow your nose
follow your sword (banner)
your word, your mutism
you're such a dog

I Wish You Were There

Who? Nobody, nobody told me anything
about me, about you, both
suspected of weaving glories with Nothing,
so I would like you to stay there

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