Dave Dullum Poems

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The Ultimate Gift

Jesus gave us the ultimate gift, His death;
With that gift He gave us our freedom from sin;
Christ was crucified upon the Cross because He loved us so very much;
Jesus gave His gift with love so that so we can

My Heart Belongs To You Lord

Lord, My Heart belongs to You for what You have done for me;
When Jesus died up on the cross He showed the Love He has for me.
Christ rose again, He took away sin, for that act I can never repay;
All I can do is believe in Him and pray to God, Christ, and the Spirit, each day;

God Grant Me Your Peace

God, Grant me the Peace that only You can give;
the Peace that comes from within when we believe in Him.
Lord, let your light shine for all the world to see;
let it shine from people who are " born again" like me.

What Can We Do?

What can we do when we are blue?
Trust in Christ's Love for me and you;
What can we do when we want to give up?
Believe in Christ's freedom not the Devil's Pit;

The Joy Of The Spirit

The Joy of the Spirit means so much;
The Joy of the Spirit is something you can always trust;
The Joy of the Spirit what God has given to me;
The Joy of the Spirit has redeemed my faith in Thee;

As The Dawn Arrives Again

When the sun goes down and the moon raises,
I will pray to the lord to hold me in His embrace,
Until the Eve passes and the Dawn arrives once again;
As the day begins anew I will pray to the Lord once more,

Living For The Lord

Those living for the Lord will be blessed;
The Righteous will know His love, not the Rest;
Those who serve Him will not be cast out, instead will be seen by God as His Flock;
The arrogant will be humbled;

God's The One

No matter how far we stray,
God is here always;
He is with you throughout the day.
God is here to stay.

I Give My Heart

Lord, I give you my heart, do what you will;
You know I am in need;
God, I give you my Heart in Faith, because I know that God you are the Almighty One indeed;
I give you my Heart and I humble myself to Thee;

Life Or Death

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue;
It is for those who want to hear;
The Word was with you when you were born,
And it will be with you when you are done;

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