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David DeAngelo Poems

1. Mattie Town Charity Ball 9/10/2007
2. This Song, Same Song 9/29/2007
3. Serendipity Love Thoughts 9/29/2007
4. Mirrorland 10/9/2007
5. Comfortable Conclusion 9/10/2007
6. She Walks In The Rain 9/10/2007
7. Onlyslightlysane 9/10/2007
8. Lights 9/10/2007
9. The Story Of Our Love Ii: Monroeville Sunset 9/10/2007
10. Questions 9/10/2007
11. Static Movement 9/10/2007
12. This Song, New Song 9/29/2007
13. Living By Numbers 9/10/2007
14. A Ballad For Marty Mcgownd 1/14/2008
15. The Story Of Our Love I: Recollection Of Twilight 9/10/2007
16. An Amber Autumn 1/11/2008
17. A Dream 1/9/2008
18. Speaking Colors 1/8/2008

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Speaking Colors

How do you feel
When you’re feeling blue?
If I turn red
Oh, what will you do?
Envy so green
That you can see through
Do the colors of me
Make motion to you?

Turn off the sun
The blackness bursts out
The white bright light
We can’t do without
A canvas born
A colorful sprout
Color the world
And so ends this drought

We’re speaking colors
One word at a time
We’re speaking colors
To light up our life
We’re speaking colors
Painting pictures with words
We’re speaking colors
You and I

If I use paint
To color your...

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Mattie Town Charity Ball

Come one, come all
To the Henry Jay Hall
For this year’s annual charity ball
Come one, come all
It’s held every fall
Don’t forget your fancy black shawl

I’d like for you to come
Cause you look o so glum

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