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David Hart Poems

1. The Seasons Of Your Love 2/11/2009
2. The Spry Metropolis 2/11/2009
3. 'The Sandman's Visit' By David Hart 2/11/2009
4. This Moment In Time 2/11/2009
5. The Parnassian Hand 2/11/2009
6. Luscious Dream 2/11/2009
7. Winds 2/14/2009
8. Rip Van Winkle's Crimson Tears 2/14/2009
9. On Gelid Night 2/14/2009
10. ''Incantation To The Night'' By David Hart 3/8/2009
11. 'Your Wonderous Love' By David Hart 3/8/2009
12. Ode To The Creator By David Hart 3/8/2009
13. 'Hwaet ' (Olde English For Behold!) By Hart 3/8/2009
14. 'Phantasmagoria' By Dave Hart 3/8/2009
15. Behold The Blithe Oracle By David Hart 3/8/2009
16. 'Quixotic' By Hart (In English, Russian And Spanish) 3/8/2009
17. 'Garden Of Delights' (In Eng., Span, French) David Hart 3/8/2009
18. 'For There Can Be Surprise' By David Hart 3/8/2009
19. 'Perhaps' By David Hart 3/9/2009
20. De Vues Et Senteurs (In French) 3/9/2009
21. Giving By Dave Hart (In Eng & French) 3/9/2009
22. 'An Infant Sighs' By David Hart 3/9/2009
23. The Bashful Barbudo 3/9/2009
24. 'Escaramouche' By David Hart 3/8/2009
25. Ignite Ice 3/9/2009
26. A Day Late And A Dollar Short 3/9/2009
27. Tristana 3/9/2009
28. Les Amours Tristes (In English) 3/9/2009
29. Stand I 3/9/2009
30. No Women Bring Flowers 3/9/2009
31. The Gates Of Istar 3/9/2009
32. Issue No. B-1610 3/9/2009
33. Ode To A Sandpiper 3/9/2009
34. This My Dear Earth 3/9/2009
35. Little Ones 3/9/2009
36. I Gotta Gun 3/9/2009
37. ''A Bird For Thanatos'' 3/10/2009
38. 'Ixtaccihuatl' 3/10/2009
39. 'Murmurs' By David Hart 3/10/2009
40. The King, He Went Out Everyday 3/10/2009

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Best Poem of David Hart

An Admirable Man

'An Admirable Man' by David Hart

Inquisitive women wonder where
his secret lies.
An intriguing man with
an evocative mind.

It's the strength of his charms
The span of his mind
A rumbling tenor of his laugh
The flash of his eyes
He's a well experienced man
An admirable man

He enters a room as casual
as he pleases
And the yearning eyes of the
women follow him
Some fall to their knees

It's the fire of his thought
The flash of his wit
The song in his heart
The ecstasy of his kiss

He's a man. An extraordinary gent, ...

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'And' by Mr. David Hart
And am I he who time knows not, and
Am I he who careth not?
For minutes can like hours prey
And hours can like minutes stray

In my annealed soul your wraith remains.
Mindless I canst naught your name contain.

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