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On the train from the ferry,
I'm pointing, enthusing;
nose snug in the guidebook,
you snigger at ‘BUTT Bridge'.

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I live in Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. I have had poetry published in The Galway Review (in print and on-line) and on FanStory.com under the name Joseph Maximilian.)

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On the train from the ferry,
I'm pointing, enthusing;
nose snug in the guidebook,
you snigger at ‘BUTT Bridge'.

Five minutes later,
while crossing the Loopline,
you're lovestruck…

Tossing the guidebook,
you set out to find
the city behind the city,

going native,
like I did,
and many before us
(settlers, invaders,
workers, dreamers)
—how a city becomes a city.

At the General Post Office,
pillar hugging,
nose snug in the fluting,
(communing) ,
I see you approaching,
your hand reaching phoneward;

I answer,
stepping forward
to make my proclamation…

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Judge judy 07 October 2021

Why have you no profile photo up ahd why have london England and not tuam galway below are you a stalker just put you photo up so we know who you are as your not spying or been a hacker? ? ? ? ? ? .

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Stephen 18 January 2022

I not like your poem i can't seem to cop cop on im not rating on you or grossing on you not that your family so any chance you block me and not go to the cops on us j hahaha just jokeing.

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Stephen 29 November 2021

How do you get rid of this guy keeps putting this site up waiting to put a comment up he not like then calls the cops to report you so just block and go away we not like you anymore.

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Stephen 29 November 2021

I not like this person gives me the impression a falce account as no profile photo and says london England i have tried to delete it but cant seem to do that just go away i don't like you.

237 1 Reply
Stephen 29 November 2021

This person and this site keeps poping up on my phone i not like this person i try to delete but having no success so go away we not want anything to do with you and this site.

235 0 Reply
Stephen 18 July 2022

Anyone know a poem about knitting or about cops or about rats would love the hear your feedback.

16 2 Reply
Stephen 16 July 2022

Any know a poem about cops it can start off like I blocked the spys from Facebook we know who the rats are and not want anything to with them ever again the rats bye bye we are very happy nothing to do with the rats anymore.

22 0 Reply
Stephen 28 June 2022

How the knitting going u must be a expert' by now love a poem about knitting just asking for a friend.

31 0 Reply
Stephen 27 June 2022

Anyone knoa a poem about family rats calling the cops on people asking for a frend.

35 0 Reply
Stephen 27 June 2022

Anyone got a poem about so called family call the cops asking for a friend.

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