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You know that if there was one thing,
That you could take from school,
It wouldn't be art or math or history,
It would be work.

School Days
Crazy, boring
Work! Work! Work! Too much work!
The last days are always the best

Kind, helpful
Cheering, instructing, caring
Always there for you

Down, Down, Way down,
To the depths of the stairs,
Lies a place so scary, so imaginary, so cold.
The basement.

The trees in the breeze,
They make me want to sneeze.

A-Choo, A-Choo, A-Choo

The sun shines by day,
But goes away in the night.
Is it 'Cause of fright?
That the sun goes away at night.

There is only one an almighty king,
Who never wears fancy rings.

He never rides around the town,

F reely swimming in the sea
I n between everybody
S plishing, Splashing
H appily laughing

There only once was a man,
Who lived inside a tin can.

I once saw this light,

Which shined so very bright

Do you know who I am?
I am not Uncle Sam.

I am not a turtle,


The shining sun slowly slides
Across the ocean like blue skies.

The beautifully green leaves on the tree,

Victorious, champion
Trying, working, succeeding
Everything, joyous; sad, nothing

Never turn down a friend,
Cause you wouldn't like to be turned down.

Never harm a friend,

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Tests And Homework And Quizzes And School

You know that if there was one thing,
That you could take from school,
It wouldn't be art or math or history,
It would be work.

Those ugly things you want to blow up,
and smash,
and burn,
and crinkle,
and rip,
and tear,
and throw out.

Those things that make you have to remember,
all the stuff you learned before,
and to study, study, study,
'till your eyes fall out.

“Oh, sorry I wasn't paying attention”
'Did we learn this? '
never helps when the test monster gives you the paper, And wishes you well.

But you know she doesn't mean that.
She doesn't want us to do good,
she just wants us to hurry so she can give us another test.

And then it's June!
Good that the year's almost over,
But bad 'cause........

Oh no! ! !
The mother of all tests,
And what did you say? We have to take more than one!
I'm done for.

Your sitting there,
hand clenched on the pencil,
face sweating,
and then BINGO!
You get the answer.

You jump up and scream,
in the silent classroom.

You shout out with joy 'cause they’re all over.
No more exams, or quizzes, or tests, or homework.

You bring up you paper and sit back down.
Then it happens.

Excuse me please come up to the front of the room
Right then and there

No it’s not detention?
Whoo Hoo! ! ! !

It’s homework
Well that’s just as bad.

You think, No. No. You didn't just say there's still homework? ?
And we have to do it everyday of the summer! !

You have to be kidding me.
“Oh, just strike me down right here and save me from homework! ! “

But wait,
You say it's fun homework,
homework can't be fun,
or joyous,
or exciting,
or awesome,
or amusing,
or entertaining,

“So we have to do fun homework? ? “
“What is it? “

It is to have fun?
And stay safe? ?

“No, you must be kidding.”

Your not kidding! Really! ! Cool! !
Well see you next year!
If I can stop having fun and come back!


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