David Olusanya Poems

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Mine Poetic Perspective Of Poetry

When the moon walks on your heart,
And the world is all an art;
It is a priceless portion poetry-
A poet's song of liberty.

Don'T Judge Me By My Breed

Don't judge me by my breed;
I'm just a thriving seed.
I need to grow,
I need to glow,

Set Me Free And Let Me Live

When shall I dance to my own heart beat,
And cease to become what you believe?
Set me free and let me live,
Ere my time fade bit by bit.

Come And Eat. My Bread Is Ready

Come and eat. My bread is ready,
I have baked it with my time.
It is brown and bromate free,
You don't have to pay a dime.

Moti Pade Ayanfemi

Ewa bami ko orin ayo yi
Eyin odo ati ololufe asikoyi.
Moti je ounje ayo ife,
Inu mi si ti kun fun ife.

Don't Read This Poem; It Is A Lie

Don't read this poem; it is a lie.
A poet is merely a truth-born liar,
His tongue is naked and never shy-
It spits the torrent of flood and fire.

Great Men Are Not Made By Their Breeds

I often hear my mother's voice,
saying; 'your destiny is your choice.
great men are not made by their breeds,
great men are made by their deeds.

Death Did Not Kill Those People

Death did not kill those people;
Be wise, and let not your minds be little!
Death is not guilty,
He only discharged an easement duty.

Life Is The Beauty Of Man's Craftiness

Life is the beauty of man's craftiness
and the evil of his lust.
Life is a pushy and witty waitress;
it serves all men by a must.

She Seems Uglier Than A Troll

She seems uglier than a troll,
with a skin, brutally stripped like a poet's scroll.

She's adorned with the raiment of withered roses,