David Taylor

Rookie (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

David Taylor Poems

81. Standing In The Corner Watching All The Stars Go By 1/24/2008
82. Holding On 1/24/2008
83. My Shadow 1/27/2008
84. Blue Rose (For Marci) 1/27/2008
85. Ladders 1/29/2008
86. In The Dark, Painted Pink 1/30/2008
87. Evening Light 1/30/2008
88. Stillness Moved.......Primordial Seeing Void 1/31/2008
89. Black And Ivory 2/2/2008
90. Destroyer Of The Night 2/3/2008
91. Origin 2/5/2008
92. Coloured Understanding? 2/5/2008
93. Without Description 2/6/2008
94. Genre 2/6/2008
95. In A Manner Of Speaking 2/9/2008
96. Just Existing 2/9/2008
97. His House 2/13/2008
98. Passing, Still 2/13/2008
99. Must Be More To It Than That..... 2/15/2008
100. Newspapers And Gods 2/16/2008
101. Sniper On The High Street! 2/16/2008
102. Love Never Lost 2/16/2008
103. Neither Here Nor There 2/19/2008
104. Love Has No Objective 2/17/2008
105. Searching, Questions 2/17/2008
106. Political Insight? 2/21/2008
107. Finding Unfashionable Words? 2/22/2008
108. Negative Comment? 2/23/2008
109. Corrosive Speech 2/23/2008
110. The Church Bells Sounded 2/24/2008
111. Duck! Don'T Stick Your Neck Out 2/24/2008
112. Champaign Haiku 3/4/2008
113. Single Thread 3/4/2008
114. Daffodils And Men 3/4/2008
115. Prayer 2/27/2008
116. Undescribable 3/5/2008
117. Little And Large 3/8/2008
118. Two Bridges And A Funeral 3/10/2008
119. Getting Away From It All 3/19/2008
120. You, They, Anyone... 3/19/2008

Comments about David Taylor

  • Alan Bell (2/14/2018 5:42:00 PM)

    Hi David, I would like to use your poem A Poet's Tree in a 20 page photo book but I'm unsure of copyright issues and don't want to violate any copyright laws. My email is belalan@yahoo.com. Is there any chance of discussing? Thanks Alan

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  • Kevin Robins (5/7/2013 12:53:00 PM)

    Hi David, Many thanks for sharing your excellent material. I was considering using one of your poems at a school function – but I’m unsure of copyright issues and don’t want to infringe any of your rights – my email is ks.robins: virgin.net Is there any chance of discussing this? Regards, Kevin

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  • Egi David Perdana (3/22/2008 9:20:00 PM)

    you're amazing writter,

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  • Mike Benfield (4/25/2007 3:10:00 AM)

    David, you have shared so many of your words. Each and every one I have read so far seems admirable and true, thankyou. You're an amazing writer, your poems are inspiring.

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  • John Stroud (2/6/2007 1:14:00 PM)

    This shows me what a poem can be. TY David

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Best Poem of David Taylor

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Without A Doubt

How do you write a poem
about Love?
It cannot be caught
and is beyond words’
power of depiction.
It has no place to be,
all places are filled
with Love.
Without Love would
anything have any savour?

Love is what joins
Love is what flows
Love is what counts
Love is what grows
Love is what’s known.

Love is all around
Love is all about
Love is all we ask
Love is all we give
Love is all I have.

Love wants nothing
Love needs nothing
Love misses nothing
Love excludes nothing
Love is what this is all ...

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Who Am I?

Downcast and burdened with a thousand cares.
Staring at a complex world of conflict and despair.
Imagining the worst and gripped by fear.

Forgetting who I am,
and what is really there.
Thinking I am this and that,
and becoming tired and scared.

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