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How do you write a poem
about Love?
It cannot be caught
and is beyond words'

Sweetness is on your lips
like honey flavoured early morning dew.
And your eyes have a depth of blue
that even deepest oceans cannot match

Because you’re Beautiful
This poem’s addressed
To you
Because you’re beautiful

In the outward movement of our senses
we revel in a range of tastes
many very fine and some we know
to be perhaps a little base.

Beauty is not a superficial form
Each has their own in essential nature
And in the actions they perform
Until the dissolution of their life

I dreamed a little dream of you;
too small a dream to contain
all the ways you reach out to me,
too short to encompass your eternity,

A snowy icy night, painted hill tops all are white,
all the rivers flow like ice, and raindrops fall as hail,
from so very, very high, above.
Whispered breath, a smoky kind of grey,

Words don't matter he said,
only the silence in which they appear.
How may I write of that silence said I

I sat and I watched as a flower gently unfolded
I sat and I watched as it blossomed with gold
reaching out from its centre its beauty was told.

The clay lay on the table before me;
it has just arrived and freed from its sack
with preserving amniotic fluid.
When it had first arrived at the door

We went to the beach to get wind in our hair
to stand on the sand and simply to stare.
To let the surf tickle toes and dampen our clothes
as we played 'run away'

So why are you shouting at me!
And that thing you said,
did you really mean to be,
so very, very mean and hurtful?

how beautiful the sun's reflections make
the air touched, gently rippled lakes
perfectly formed and round
on the still pond it's found

Death inevitable and unavoidable
Life fragile and transient
Reincarnate what returns
Dead meat and bones left over

Racism a nasty word
that conjures thoughts
of oppressive deeds
made by man because

under the shadow, over the brow
is a place where (i heard) ,
it always is now;
past the street lights, beyond the black night,

I prod the funeral pyre of my ego
with a sturdy stick.
One made of a question
that is most dear to my heart and soul.


I feel shut off, locked in, separated
(dark alone perilous) .
The woods call with soft green tones,
the sky yearns above,

what should be an invigorating freshness
a chill inside (shaking heart beats)
traffic on the road silent rising clanking passing
(silent again)

One moment in time
all this is begun

One moment in time

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Born, Baby, Child, Adolescent, Student, Employee, Husband, Self Employed, Father, Father, Father, Divorcee, Husband, Father...and throughout all that I'm me!)

The Best Poem Of David Taylor

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love Without A Doubt

How do you write a poem
about Love?
It cannot be caught
and is beyond words'
power of depiction.
It has no place to be,
all places are filled
with Love.
Without Love would
anything have any savour?

Love is what joins
Love is what flows
Love is what counts
Love is what grows
Love is what's known.

Love is all around
Love is all about
Love is all we ask
Love is all we give
Love is all I have.

Love wants nothing
Love needs nothing
Love misses nothing
Love excludes nothing
Love is what this is all about.

Joining, flowing, counting,
growing, knowing
around, about
asking, giving, having
All is Love,
of that I have no doubt.

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John Stroud 06 February 2007

This shows me what a poem can be. TY David

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Andy B 10 January 2024

Hi David, Please could you get in touch with me about me using one of your poems for a musical interlude? Thanks!

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Alan Bell 14 February 2018

Hi David, I would like to use your poem A Poet's Tree in a 20 page photo book but I'm unsure of copyright issues and don't want to violate any copyright laws. My email is belalan@yahoo.com. Is there any chance of discussing? Thanks Alan

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Kevin Robins 07 May 2013

Hi David, Many thanks for sharing your excellent material. I was considering using one of your poems at a school function – but I’m unsure of copyright issues and don’t want to infringe any of your rights – my email is ks.robins: virgin.net Is there any chance of discussing this? Regards, Kevin

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Egi David Perdana 22 March 2008

you're amazing writter,

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Mike Benfield 25 April 2007

David, you have shared so many of your words. Each and every one I have read so far seems admirable and true, thankyou. You're an amazing writer, your poems are inspiring.

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