David Wagner

David Wagner Poems

1. 'Dreams' 1/2/2006
2. 'The Dark Lord' 1/2/2006
3. 'The Time Has Come' 1/2/2006
4. Graveyard 1/7/2006
5. 'The Demon Withen' 1/8/2006
6. 'Taunting Questions' 1/8/2006
7. 'Gaurdian Angel' 1/8/2006
8. 'Fastened Withen This Dream' 1/8/2006
9. 'True Fear' 1/8/2006
10. 'Sounds Of The Night' 1/19/2006
11. 'Blackend Soul' 1/19/2006
12. 'The Flowing Darkness' 1/19/2006
13. A Shattered Heart 2/16/2006
14. Beyond Blue Eyes 2/16/2006
15. Missing? ? ? 2/16/2006
16. Drinking My Life Away 2/16/2006
17. Dark Knight 2/16/2006
18. These Old Feelings 2/16/2006
19. 'Shards Of Me' 1/19/2006
20. 'Night Fall' 1/2/2006
21. Painfull Filling 1/4/2006
22. 'Is This The End' 1/19/2006
23. 'Angel In The Darkness' 1/8/2006
24. Good Vs. Evil 1/4/2006
25. 'A Life Full Of Lies' 1/2/2006

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Best Poem of David Wagner

'A Life Full Of Lies'

I have let myself fall,
Fall into this life full of lies.
Now my walls are crumbling
As i recall all the things,
The things you said.
You said that you loved me
You said it was destined that we meet
You said never hurt me
You said we would spend eternity together
You said you would never leave me
You said we would die together
Its not to ironic though that they were all lies
But now as if Destined
I am standing here alone
With this blade in hand
You had said you would be there for me
But where are you in the midst of all this
Were all those ...

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'The Dark Lord'

The dark lord surveys all...
His blood red eyes destrouys all disires...
And glare wickedly at this awful place...
Only evil will survive in his kingdom of darkness...
So I will give you this warning...
Be carefull when calling upon the Dark Lord...
Or else face damnation...

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