Deadly Sacrifice

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Black hearts and burned souls,
Never ending lies.
Murdering, killing, slaughtering others,
Everybody dies.

Torn flesh,
burned bones.
Stakes through hearts
and thrown stones.

I'm sorry for living
I'm sorry for breathing
I'm sorry for cutting
I'm sorry for bleeding

I hide,
behind a curtain of lies.
Only seen by the blind.
Only heard ny the deaf.


From ashes to dust.
From dust to dirt.
From dirt to living soul.
From that to nothing but on again,

Stalking, creepy people.
Never knowing when to stop.
Making fools of themselves,
just to get thier attention.

I dont want to talk anymore,
because I just want to cry.
I feel like I've wronged you somehow,
so just leave me here to die.

It comes, it goes.
It is many things,
peacful, demented, or depressing.

Trying not to cry while the soul inside you dies
If you can't except that the person you once knew,
is no longer the same....
Then you will live for an eternity.

Hollow. Lonely. Bare.
Lifeless. Vacant. Void.
You feel like your empty,
like you've died on the inside.


All shattered...All breaking.
Never feeling the same,
all you feel is pain.

What happened to the times,
when we laughed and played?
What happened to the memories
that we shared and said?

On your wrists.
On your legs.
On your fingers.
On your neck.


I couldn't see
the economy was blinding me.
With taxes, voting, jobs, and boss's.
It never stops.


This world has a plague.
A plague so great!
This world has a plague.
It’s our deadly fate!


Boiling inside of you,
ready to burst.
Like fire threatening to burn you,
from the inside out.

Why do people say life is great.
Roses have thorns.
War is still here.
There is murder and suicide,

I wish you would die.
I wish you would leave.
I just wanna cry.
When you pass I'm not gonna grieve.

Unforgetable.Carved into your mind.
Whenever you speak.
Whenever you think.
Whenever you breathe.

Through my heart.
Trough my soul.
In my back,
by a friend.

Deadly Sacrifice Biography

Hello. My name is Sara. I am thirteen years of age and would appreciate it if you could please not be so harsh on my poems. I love to write to express my emotions not so people can just say I need to check my spelling. I mostly write about dark things but it is because they are true. For example: rape, suicide, and murder. You know, it's just my style and how I feel. At times I do not mind if you ask me to read your poems but I would apretiate it if you did not do it every second of every minute of every hour of every day! I mean I know you dont know if other people have already done it to me, but I have had people message me repeatedly so just stop it! If you read and comment on my poems I will try to read and comment one or two of yours.)

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Blood Drops

Black hearts and burned souls,
Never ending lies.
Murdering, killing, slaughtering others,
Everybody dies.

Sickening thoughts of
sickening people.
Makes we wanna cry.
No one lives forever,
one day we will die.

Sleep is full of nightmares.
Nightmares full of death.
Death is where it ends,
but the end is where it begins.

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