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Dean du Preez Poems

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21. Andy Irons 11/3/2010
22. Surfing 10/16/2010
23. Death Not Won 8/23/2016
24. Addiction 8/30/2016
Best Poem of Dean du Preez

Death Not Won

Death came to take you away,
My tomorrows are no longer like my yesterdays.

I was free and now i feel trapped,
In the face by life I've been slapped.

My child was perfect only two years and a month old to the day,
Death o death why did you have to take him away? !

3 years on i am thankfully doing alright,
when there was a time i could only stay awake at night.

Time is a healer, but a heavy hand was dealt,
When my child was taken away, it was the only thing i felt.

But if i can make it without bringing myself to ruin,
Anyone can ...

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As seasons change to make new from old,
You have been taken to be refined like the purest of gold.

Your body not needed to where you now go,
Your spirit is free as the wind when it blows.

In our hearts there is no uncertainty,
That Jesus has claimed you as His child for eternity.

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