Bijay Kant Dubey Death Poems

Daruwalla's Death Of A Bird

All happening under the overhang of crags,
Fierce bird-mating
Of the monal brown grey birds,
The male shot at

The Terror Of Death

How will be it, my death?
I just think about.

Can you say it, friend?

Only one thing that I know it is this that

After The Death Of His Wife

Wept he by the pyre that he would never marry in his life
Just like Bhishma Pitamaha
Though he was not,
A married man,

What sort of judges are they who consider blasphemy
Punishable with death,
Those who do blasphemy
Are the reasonable sons of God?

When she had been alive,
She used to work
From dawn to dusk
Just as a beast of burden,

After the death of his wife
Took he the oath
That he would never,
Wept he bitterly

Death Will

Death will come
And you cannot avert and avoid the reality,
The bare and bitter truth
Refusing to accept,

Death, My Death, Talk To Me

Death, my death, you talk to me,
What it in my lot,
In my destiny,
Death, my death?

O God, how long will You keep
Watching like a mute spectator,
When the war come to a stop,
When will shelling and bombardment

The Ukrainian Crisis/ Death/ Holi

The Ukrainian Crisis

Who will douse the fire flames
In Ukraine,

My Death, You Come And Sit By Me!

My death, you come to
And sit by me
And talk to me
As I have not held dialogues

O Death...,

O death, you come
And talk to me
As have not I held
Any parleys with you,

Friend, Where Does Man Go After Death?

Where does man go after death,
Friend, can you say,
Say it
Where does,

O Guatemalan girl,
What your name,
What your tongue,
Why did you cross the borders

Lawrence's The Ship Of Death

A poem of exit,
From this world
To enter into


Why are you so cruel?
Are you the end of all?


Whenever sit I in an Indian train,
I bow my head before God
As for boarding it
And taking safely

Keki N.Daruwalla As A Poet Of Death And Disease

Keki N.Daruwalla
Is a poet of tragedy,
Death and disease,
Accident and death,

The Death Of Poetry

The death of poetry,
How does it die,
What to get it from
Commonplace sentimentalism and sensitivity?

Rather than going slowly
In the post-corona phase,
We acted it hastily
As for business and commerce

For politics,
Vested interests,


After death, where does the spirit pass away,
Can one say it,
Where does the soul transmigrate,
Where does the spirit,

O Palar river, Vellore, tell me about the deaths
Away from home,
Far and far away
Of the ones moving in search of life

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