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Waiting, Still Waiting

I had waited for you for so long, my love.
Now I find myself waiting even longer.
It isn't your fault that you aren't here with me
and I love you enough to wait a lifetime for you.

Of Love And Wind

I softly kissed my fingertips
and blew into the wind.
I whispered, please carry these
with all the love I have to send.

No More Good-Byes

Will you bring me flowers
and softly kiss my lips?
Will you tell me that you love me
and tell me I've been missed?

Debbie Baldesberger Comments

'D' Kincaid 21 February 2007

Came back to see if you wrote anything else, sadly I don't see anything.

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'D' Kincaid 16 December 2006

Time you try writing another one, kinda a one small person to another inspiration. Come on, we need to be acknowleged! There has to be something else like 'Of Love and Wind' left in your head.

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