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You can tell by her
You can hear it in her

When I let my friends
ready my poems
I feel naked
Stripped of emotional

I fight often
I strive for my choosing
I wear fabric cut against the grain

In my bones
the fire inside
is burning brighter and brighter

Focus undone
to protect the story

Weary, but

Chasms of suspended

Unconscious joy versus an ever-present pain

I like to be quiet

I like to sit in still silence &

Don't fear evil
Look at it confidently in its eye

Stare it down until

Sometimes I'm a ball
Of chaotic genetic feminine rage

A hormonal Molotov cocktail

conscious breathing

Gruff and

Heavy, bulky, cumbersome, and limp
An awkward and profane monument
Mine to bear
As I laid bare my violated soul

It would be
much to dangerous
to talk about
the blankets

What is the temperature
of the world?

Smith & Wesson's
original call for

Wistful waves

Stored bodies crumpled
in haphazard piles
varying levels


I am a beautiful woman

I agree with
Nikki G.
I want to write a
Revolutionary poem

is owed to us
Everything in this world
is presented as a gift

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D Squared is a poet/spoken word artist currently seeking to poetically share the divine revelations gained while engaged in worship, study, and prayer. She was born in St. Albans, Queens, New York. Being brought up in a military family, she had the opportunity to be raised all over the world. While enrolled in a pre-engineering program at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff. While enrolled, she was an active member of the John McLinn Ross Players and performed in the following plays: The River Niger (Wilhelmina Brown) , Tobacco Road (Ada Lester) , Othello (Desdemona) , A Raisin in the Sun (Beneatha Younger) , Aladdin's Lamp (Mother) , Fences (Rose Maxson) , and The Shadow Box (Beverly) . She received an Irene Ryan Acting Award Nomination and an Acting Achievement Award in the Southwest Collegian Regional Competition. She received her degree in Mechanical Engineering from Prairie View A&M University. After working for 15+ years in the construction industry in various project management and design functions, she started focusing on her calling to work in ministry. She is currently serving as the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor at St. Paul Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC.)

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To My Sassy Sister

You can tell by her
You can hear it in her
It glows in her
It shows in her

The refinement of time
that turned the
into sugar

Even her
are her
attributes that are enhanced
through time

No longer a
lady in waiting
But a woman

Yes this is a
To my sassy sister

Her everlasting
Forces me to
smile in pride
Put some kick
in my stride
No, I am not ashamed to say it
My love for her
I will never

~ D²,2 Jul 90

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The quest for liberation of the oppressed is derailed when its leaders are seduced by the desire to obtain the power held by oppressor.

If I refuse to forgive those who harm me, I open myself up to the temptation to inflict the same harm towards another. That which I don't accept as forgivable I either redefine as a permission slip to dismiss the value of the perpetrator or reframe the infraction as a suitable valuable action to employ myself. Forgiveness requires a degree of empathy, the ability to recognize the humanity of others, and the keen awareness of how as a joint member of humanity, I am capable of that same human flaw. If I deny the evil within another, I am seeking to setup the temptation to deny the same (similar) evil within myself. Yes, as a Christian, forgiveness is about modeling the love of Christ, but it is also about ensuring my moral accountability.

So the message is: Men are going to mistreat you, use you, and play with you, if you don't want it then stop allowing it Men are going to cheat on you, if you don't want it be a better partner to avoid it Men are going to hit you, if you don't want it stop provoking it Men are going to rape, if you don't want it change your face, your dress, or yourself to prevent it White privilege (and it's equally evil twin racism) is going to marginalize and dehumanize you, if you don't want it become super intelligent, super respectful, and impeccably dressed so you can rise above it AND, if they still do it, maybe, just maybe society will hold them accountable, because you did enough to prevent them from doing you harm... But, then again, there must still be something you did to cause this atrocity to happen. Oh give me a d@mn break!

Some days the greatest blessing that God has for you is that warm smile on a strangers face. May I allow God to use me to send that blessing to a stranger in need of that today. Smiles are a grace to be shared humbly, not an entitlement coerced by demand.

As I grow in ministry, I should not seek the counsel of a sole mentor. I should have several, and it is best that they don't all agree. In the midst of the chaos of their conflicting opinions, that is where I can sit still and hear God's voice.

Clever linguistic abilities are never a true indication of intelligence cause sometimes the careful arrangement of words is a brilliant attempt to divert one from the truth of the ignorance that is hidden inside Sometimes the most profound statement can be found in the simplest arrangement of words

In all things that I do I must remember to breath. Inhale. Exhale. Not just as a way to prevent getting caught up in the madness surrounding the moments of the day, but also as a conscious use of the gift of life that God so graciously gave.

Find someone who doesn't find you perfect for them in spite of your imperfections, but, rather who finds you perfect for them within your imperfections.

'Discernment, as a talent, requires development and maturity to fully understand, then the integrity to follow through on what you have discerned' Discernment w/o development = a funny feeling Discernment w/o maturity = rash judgements Discernment w/o integrity = good intentions never exercised Discernment is both a gift and a talent, depending on the individual and the circumstances. A spiritual gift is given to those who accept the gift of salvation, but that gift needs to be developed. Through a vibrant and active relationship with Jesus Christ. (Not everyone receives the same gift) All who accept Christ are given gifts that are ultimately about our unique ability to glorify him and further the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is for you to serve others and the kingdom. It can be used to discern who is of Him, but it can also be used to discern what his will is for your life. As a talent, it is something that can be developed in all, especially those how believe in him. A talent can be used for spiritual and non spiritual needs. It is a matter of genetics and environment. All of us are called to use discernment, some have this as a specific gift, with a specific God given purpose.

Be careful who you confess your sins to, they don't have a heaven or hell to put you in, but they might be motivated to expedite your journey. ~ lesson learned from the show 'Scandal'

There is nothing more spiritually humbling than realizing that the blessings, grace, and mercy that God has provided for you at a particular moment are not the result of your prayers, but of those who have been praying on your behalf... Without your prior knowledge.

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Deborah Dalton Popularity

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