Deborah DeNicola Poems

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Noli Me Tangere

There was a presence before the stone.
A pressure so much larger than human
wounds. My mind let go into the crags
of sorrow and I grew

Early Childhood

Hardly a thing I can hold in my hand.
But I recall my small hand
on the polished mahogany table
out on the sun porch where I sometimes

The Persistance Of Encumbrance

Lord, life after half a century drags a Uhaul behind it.
A truck load of possessions that don’t love me back.

Loving Mark Strand

It's as if he knows how close he's always been to Spirit.
As if your hand might pass through the numen of his voice
and a little shadow shiver on the auditorium wall.
If you asked I bet he'd glance away with a half smile and husky


Not a cat, not a leopard, a lioness
walks out of my eye, halts on furred paws.
that cover her claws. Her head, turning, her orange
mane hangs like drapery and when she opens

The Tree At Casa Cara

Just off Route One
before Tigertail Corner, down the street from Casa Cara,
there's a gargantuan banyan

This Morning From The Porch

Unbearable brilliance. Each leaf surrendering
to the late ceremony of sun. The neighbor's tomato plants
have fallen through the slats in the white fence
and in the breeze, there's no denying autumn.

Paper Fan

Twilight on a night in May
and I'm holding the fan you made for me
on Mother's Day when you were six.

The Bath Tub Is Optional

when you visit the meditation mansion
run by two retired nuns. One tiny cell of a room
with one tiny bed and an oval window, but oh, beyond
the window—wind and white caps, lips of sand,

Last Words

There is no more to be taught.
No more to be taken
away. Loss is the same
as less. A small idea

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